The Storyteller

WHO: for kids aged 5 - 10 and accompanying adults
WHEN: on first Tuesday of each month, from 17.30 to 18.30.

Every work of art has hundreds of stories to tell, you just have to be ready to listen! During The Storyteller you'll hear the myths, fables and legends hidden in each painting. Each time we meet in the exhibition to look, listen and...why not?...draw! 

The Storyteller takes place on the first Tuesday of each month in Italian.

This activity is offered in Italian only.

This activity is free with a ticket to the exhibition.





Tuesday, 3 April  2012 - Outdoor Stories

Tuesday, 5  June  2012 - A Very Special Place

Tuesday,  3  July  2012 - Topsy-turvy Stories

Reservations are required
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