A più voci - With many voices

A project for people with Alzheimer's

WHO: people with Alzheimer's, their relatives and their caregivers
WHEN: Select Tuesdays at 15.00


The Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi  launches A pù voci - With many voices, a project dedicated to people with Alzheimer's, their relatives and their therapists. The  project is created by the Education Department  in collaboration with skilled geriatric educators. 

A più voci focuses on the use of observation and imagination rather than memory and cognitive skills to promote remaining comunicative abilities. The project also aims to change the social perception of the disease through the encounter with other museum visitors.

For the exhibition Americans in Florence Palazzo Strozzi offers two four-meeting cycles. A different work of art is chosen to focus on for each of the first three meetings, while the last meeting is dedicated to a creative workshop focused on the relationship between people with Alzheimer's and their caregivers to suggest other emotions through making art.

During the encounters educators invite participants—through a guided conversation—to contribute to the creation of a collective narrative about the selected work. The narrative transcribed during the course of the activity serves not only to document the experience but also as a resource for the group and the public in general, giving space to new voices and suggesting new ways for looking at art.


First series

20 March

3 April

17 April

8 May


Second series

15 May

29 May

12 June

26 June


Participation in this activity is free.

It is possible to partecipate in individual appointments.
Activity in Italian language only.

Reservations are required.

Info and reservations

From Monday to Friday
+ 39 055 3917141