The Family Suitcase

Painter's Satchel

WHO: For everyone age 3 and up
WHEN: always

The whole family can have fun exploring the exhibition with the Banker's Change Purse, a leather money-bag modelled on the ones used by Renaissance bankers and merchants! The family suitcase designed for Money and Beauty. Bankers Botticelli and the Bonfire of the Vanities contains objects, interesting facts and games to play as you look at the various works, all classified according to age-range.

For this exhibition the family suitcase features another intriguing novelty: a competition linked to the mystery of the Botticelli Code. By answering some questions you can discover the combination to the strongbox containing a coded message. Everyone is invited to use the Banker's Change Purse and take on the challenge of the Botticelli Code!

You can book The Banker's Change Purse ahead of your visit by phoning +39 055 2645155; or ask for it directly in the ticket office.

Thanks to
Il Bisonte for the suitcase; Lorenzo Villoresi for the perfumes; Moleskine for the notebooks; Caran d’Ache Geneve for the pencil kits.