With Many Voices

A project for people with Alzheimer's and their caregivers

With Many Voices is a project created by the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi Education Department in collaboration with skilled geriatric educators dedicated to people with Alzheimer’s, their relatives, and their caregivers.

The project focuses on the use of observation and imagination, rather than memory and cognitive skills, to promote remaining communicative abilities as well as change the social perception of the disease through encounters with other museum visitors.

Palazzo Strozzi offers four editions of three meetings. A different work of art is chosen for the first two meetings, while the last remaining meeting is devoted to a creative workshop that focuses on the relationship between people with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers to create new experiences through art. During the encounters, educators invite participants—through a guided conversation—to contribute to the creation of a collective narrative or poem about a selected work. The narrative and poem transcribed during the course of the activity serve not only as documentation of the experience, but as a resource for the group and the public. A new way to look at art is provided, creating a space for new voices.

Since March 2016 the project has included a workshop developed in conjunction with contemporary artists, that takes its inspiration from the works on display in the exhibition and focuses on the relationship between people with dementia and their carers. After Virginia Zanetti (2016) and Cristina Pancini (2017), for the exhibition Marina Abramović. The Cleaner the workshop is in collaboration with Marina Arienzale.

During Bill Viola. Electronic Renaissance exhibition the workshop has been conducted in cooperation with the artist Cristina Pancini.

During Dawn of a Nation exhibition the workshop has been conducted in cooperation with the artist Marina Arienzale

Tuesday 25 September at 15.00, presentation meeting with caregivers
Cycle A – Tuesday 2, 16, 30 October at 15.00
Cycle B – Tuesday 9, 23 October, 6 November at 15.00
Cycle C – Tuesday 13 November, 4 , 18 December at 15.00
Cycle D – Tuesday 20 November,  11 December, 8 January at 15.00
Tuesday 3 July at 15.00, final meeting with caregivers


More info about the project

Limited admission. Reservation required.
tel + 39 055 3917141 –
Individual appointments possible. Participation is free.
Activity in Italian only.


Palazzo Strozzi is more than just exhibitions, it’s also a workshop for experimenting with new ways of relating to art with activities and events for families, young people and adults.
Guided tours, lectures, workshops for families and schools and access programmes: Palazzo Strozzi offers everyone the chance to shape their own encounter, turning their visit into an absorbing and stimulating experience


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