Fata Morgana

Workshop for families with children aged 3 to 6

  • 15 November 2017 time 17:00
  • 29 November 2017 time 17:00
  • 20 December 2017 time 17:00
  • 10 January 2018 time 17:00

Wednesday 25 October, 15 November, 29 November, 20 December, 10 January.
From 17.00 to 18.00

Mysterious figures lurk in every work of art: fairies, knights and fantastic animals tell stories of distant worlds..

In the course of this activity we tour the exhibition to look at the masterpieces produced by 16th century artists and, through observation, narrative and games, to discover how many things a work of art can tell us.

After the tour of the exhibition we go to the workshop to experiment with ancient techniques, breathing life into special creations that, with a touch of the magic wand, become the leading players in new stories!


Reservations are required. Places are limited.
Activities are free of charge but a ticket to the exhibition must be purchased.
Activity in Italian only.


The Fata Morgana workshop can be booked on different dates from those listed above, at a cost of € 52.00 (max. 15 participants).


Photo Giulia Del Vento

Booking Required
Sigma CSC
from Monday to Friday
9.00-13.00; 14.00-18.00
Tel. +39 055 2469600 - Fax +39 055 244145
Info: edu@palazzostrozzi.org

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