Meet the Restorers

  • 26 October 2017 time 21:00
  • 09 November 2017 time 21:00
  • 30 November 2017 time 21:00
  • 14 December 2017 time 21:00
  • 11 January 2018 time 21:00

Works of art age, they change over time and they require special care and attention. A major restoration campaign was launched to tie in with The Cinquecento in Florence exhibition.

To enhance a work of art that is often unknown to the public at large and to undescore the important contribution that the restorations promoted by the Friends of Florence association have made to the exhibition, we will be holding a cycle of encounters with the restorers consisting in five evening meetings to discover the life of a work of art as narrated directly by those who look after them.

The meetings will be held in a special room and each meeting will end inside the exhibition with an in-depth explanation before the work of art itself.


Thursday 26 October at 21.00
Muriel Vervat talks about Bronzino‘s Immaculate Conception

Thursday 9 November at 21.00
Daniele Rossi talks about Pontormo‘s Deposition

Thursday 30 November at 21.00
Anna Teresa Monti talks about Alessandro Allori‘s The Miracles of St. Fiacre

Thursday 14 December at 21.00
Nicola Salvioli talks about Giambologna‘s Crucifix

Thursday 11 January ate 21.00
Atelier del restauro (Beatrice Borgognoni, Lucia Cioppi, Angela Matteuzzi) discusses Alessandro Allori‘s Christ and the Adulteress


Admission € 12.00
Reservations required


Booking Required
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