Kit Famiglie

The Family Kit

For all visitors over the age of 3

Always available

The Family Kit, now a regular feature of exhibitions at Palazzo Strozzi, allows families to enjoy a treasure trove of games and information designed to breathe life into the visit and explore the exhibition in a uniquely captivating way. An activity has been devised for each stage in the tour, allowing users to explore the artworks in greater depth.

The Kit allows you to: observe, invent, discover, learn, draw, make up stories and get right under the skin of art and culture!
The kit contains everything you’ll need to visit the show under your own steam: a small book with games and advice on how to look at the exhibits, special items to use in the exhibition and a diary for you to share your impressions with other people using the Kit after you.

Always available free of charge at the Info Point of the exhibition.
Reservation is not required.

The Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi is grateful to Il Bisonte for the Family Kit satchel.


Palazzo Strozzi is more than just exhibitions, it’s also a workshop for experimenting with new ways of relating to art with activities and events for families, young people and adults.
Guided tours, lectures, workshops for families and schools and access programmes: Palazzo Strozzi offers everyone the chance to shape their own encounter, turning their visit into an absorbing and stimulating experience


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