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Exhibition tours with workshop activities

For schools

To tie in with Dawn of a Nation (16 March–22 July 2018), tours of the exhibition can be combined with workshop activities designed for kindergarten, primary and lower secondary schools.

The workshop follows on from a guided tour of the exhibition, offering kids the chance to make the most of the information and stimuli they receive in the exhibits to then develop activities under their own steam.


For kindergarten (from age 4)

Getting your hands dirty is such fun!
Artists are always finding new ways of creating works of art, but sometimes that means they have to think and act “outside the box”. The artists in the exhibition use simple gestures and ordinary materials in their work, like Piero Manzoni who left his fingerprint on an egg, but from an artistic standpoint those gestures and materials are revolutionary. Following the artists’ example, kids “get their hands dirt” to make a collective work of art echoing the exhibits they have seen while touring the exhibition.

Cost of the activity: € 72.00 (max 25 children); admission to the exhibition is free for minors under six years of age and for accompanying teachers.
Duration: 1.5 hours


For primary schools

Poor us!
The exhibition illustrates the main experiments of the last century, from monochrome painting to stencils in Pop Art, and even the use of such materials as sacking, cement and fire. These “poor” materials became one of the chief sources of inspiration for Italian and other 20th century artists seeking to discern the expressive potential of things generally considered to be boring and of little interest. The workshop follows a tour of the exhibition where classes stop to observe the work of such artists as Alberto Burri and Lucio Fontana, who used metal sheeting and packing material for their pictures, or Jannis Kounellis’ Fire Daisy which is enlivened by the presence of a flame. At the end of the tour, participants meet in a workshop to combine the techniques and materials they have discovered and to produce a collective work of art.

Cost of the activity: € 72.00 (max 25 students) excluding the price of admission to the exhibition (€ 4.00 per student). Admission is free for accompanying teachers.
Duration: 2 hours


For lower secondary schools

The power of pop!
In the art of the 1950s and ’60s, the humdrum became a recurring presence, appearing in the shape of an “everyday” object or a reference to the daily news and political events of the time. Even today artists continue to recount their own time, confirming the bond between art history and the history of mankind. References to events of the day are already found in the work of Renato Guttuso and Giulio Turcato at the start of the tour, but it was chiefly with Italian Pop Art that artists began to fill their canvases with the symbols and issues of their own day, often with a touch of irony. After touring the exhibition together and dwelling on the main exhibits, students will shift their attention to the present day and to the symbols that characterise our own time in order to experiment with a reprocessing of those symbols in a “Pop” vein.

Cost of the activity: € 72.00 (max 25 students) excluding the price of admission to the exhibition (€ 4.00 per student). Admission is free for accompanying teachers.
Duration: 2 hours

Reservations are compulsory even in the event of admission to the exhibition alone.

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