Bottega Strozzi

Bottega Strozzi is more than just a bookshop. It’s a friendly, lively cultural venue, entered directly from the courtyard of Palazzo Strozzi. It’s a place open to international visitors, local people, art lovers, students and families.

In the three modern rooms, stylishly laid-out in a Renaissance architectural setting, you can find contemporary art books and unique objects created by developing ideas from exhibition themes and some keywords of our age.

Here you can find various expressions of contemporary art production, the result of unprecedented exchanges and cooperation between designers, artisans and innovative creatives. Design culture and sophisticated creativity have generated a variety of forms, based on traditional crafts and advanced technologies: from the chisel to digital graphics, and from blown glass to 3D printing.

Bottega Strozzi is also a place just to visit and relax in. You can use the tables and chairs in the bookshop room to sit and enjoy the experience of observing, reflecting, browsing and soaking up the atmosphere. The Bottega Strozzi project also includes opportunities for further learning and meetings with writers, artists, and producers.

Bottega Strozzi is a project by Marsilio Arte, in collaboration with the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi.

Opening hours:
Everyday 10.00-19.30

tel. +39 055 2696334

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