Open in safety Safety measures for visiting the exhibition

The Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi prides itself on always taking great care of its visitors. In order to ensure a safe and enjoyable visitor experience we remember you that inside the exhibition it is strictly prohibited:
To enter with large bags or backpacks
To bring in animals of any size (apart from guide dogs for our disabled visitors who are, naturally, most welcome)
To bring in food or drink of any kind
To take video or to film any part of the exhibition
To take photographs using a flash, a tripod or a selfie stick
To touch the exhibits

You do not need to be in possession of any form of COVID-19 Certification (Green Pass) in order to visit the exhibition.
The use of personal protective equipment (masks) is no longer mandatory, but strongly recommended.

You must start your tour in the first room of the exhibitions and move forward from there. No backtracking is permitted.