Pontormo & Rosso Fiorentino

Diverging paths of mannerism

Vasari’s Lives

Victors and vanquished
Perception of Florentine art in the 16th century is still heavily influenced even today by Giorgio Vasari’s Lives. In the exhibition, the first edition printed by Lorenzo Torrentino in 1550 is open at the life of Rosso Fiorentino; the second, published by Giunti in 1568, where each biography is preceded by a woodcut portrait of the artist, is open at the life of Pontormo. Particularly in the second edition, Vasari celebrated the view of the arts prevailing in Cosimo I de’ Medici’s Florence, praising the literary and figurative style of Florence, lauding Rosso’s success in taking that style to France, but faulting Pontormo for his divergence from the art of Michelangelo that he hails in his Lives – referring to the two artists as the “victors and the vanquished”.


The challenge facing the Fondazione from the outset has been to bring international quality exhibition and cultural events to Florence and Tuscany.

On the palazzo’s Piano Nobile and in the Strozzina area the Fondazione organises art exhibitions ranging from the art of the ancient world via the Renaissance to the modern and contemporary era.

From: 08 March 2014
To: 20 July 2014


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