Divine Beauty from Van Gogh to Chagall and Fontana

Tuesday at the Movies with Palazzo Strozzi

Film programme curated by Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi and Cinema Odeon

Cinema Odeon, Piazza Strozzi/Via degli Anselmi.
Admission free while places last.

Beauty, the sacred and the cinema. The tenth edition of Tuesday at the Movies with Palazzo Strozzi comprises four evenings devoted to four giants whose work has made cinema history: Luis Buñuel, Andrey Tarkovsky, Martin Scorsese and Pier Paolo Pasolini. The retrospective explores the different artistic paths in the 20th century that marked the rediscovery and revisitation of stories and figures linked to the religious tradition of Christianity, “models” which the cinema interpreted as tools for breaking with the past and for reflecting on the countless inconsistencies of the modern era. From the provocational and irreverent approach of Buñuel to the great spiritual frescoes of Tarkovsky and from Scorsese’s “scandalous” portrayal of Christ to the epic and revolutionary vision of Pasolini, the retrospective takes its audience on a fascinating journey of exploration through the world of story, image, sound and vision.



Tuesday 6 October, 20.30
Un chien andalou, by Luis Buñuel (FR, 1929, 19′), original French sound with Italian subtitles.
Viridiana, by Luis Buñuel (MEX, SP, 1961, 90′), original Spanish sound with Italian subtitles.

Tuesday 13 October, 20.30
Andrej Rublëv, by Andrej Tarkovskij (URSS, 1966, 205′), original Russian sound with Italian subtitles.

Tuesday 20 October, 21.00
Tha Last Temptation of Christ, by Martin Scorsese (USA, 1988, 164′), Italian sound.

Tuesday 27 October, 20.30
Il Vangelo secondo Matteo, by Pier Paolo Pasolini (IT, FR, 1964, 137′), original Italian sound without subtitles.

The challenge facing the Fondazione from the outset has been to bring international quality exhibition and cultural events to Florence and Tuscany.

On the palazzo’s Piano Nobile and in the Strozzina area the Fondazione organises art exhibitions ranging from the art of the ancient world via the Renaissance to the modern and contemporary era.

From: 24 September 2015
To: 24 January 2016


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