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The Drawing Kit

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The Drawing Kit containing a sketch pad, a pencil, an eraser and advice on how to look at the exhibits is designed to appeal to visitors of all ages, helping them to fine-tune their powers of observation and give free rein to their creativity through drawing, the oldest art form known to man.
Drawing means observing, offering you a different way of interacting with a work of art. It’s a way of both concentrating and, at the same time, of giving free rein to your imagination in front of a painting or sculpture.
A drawing captures the experience of observation: translating what you see into a new drawing is your own personal way of endeavouring to impart shape and meaning to the world.

The Drawing Kit is designed for anyone interested in discovering a new way of looking at great artists’ works while they tour the exhibition. The important thing isn’t producing a fabulous drawing, it’s letting your eye, hand and pencil work together to plunge you headfirst into the wonderful world of creativity.


The kit can be obtained free of charge at the Exhibition Information Point.
The kit cannot be booked in advance.


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