06 June 2019 time 19:00

Strozzi Night is back after the success of its last two editions, hosting a programme bursting with events built around the Verrocchio, Master of Leonardo exhibition and Rede Social, the cool hammock installation in the courtyard devised by the Brasilian collective Opavivarà!
Don’t miss this evening of music, live performances and activities for youngsters and adults alike at Palazzo Strozzi.

The programme for the evening includes:

A Game of 6
(activity in the courtyard)

The Game of Six takes its cue from the relational nature of the Rede Social installation devised by the Opavivarà! collective for the courtyard in Palazzo Strozzi. In the course of the evening, adults, teens and kids will be invited to try their hand at six different tests linked to the concepts of participation and interaction, and everyone taking the tests can then enter a raffle, with six prizes due to be awarded in the course of the evening.

Tropical Animals Dj Team
(dj set)

The evening will be hotting up in the Palazzo Strozzi courtyard with the beat of the Tropical Animals Dj Team, a DJ collective presenting its own sound based on a mix of avant-garde research and underground music culture.

Free Flowing. Experiencing Art with Parkinson’s *

Inside the Verrocchio, Master of Leonardo exhibition, a group of dancers will be performing a choreography built on interaction with the Renaissance works of art on display. The dancers are all participants in the Free Flowing. Experiencing Art with Parkinson’s scheme run by the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi in conjunction with Dance Well and with the support of the Fresco Parkinson Institute.

until 20.30
Young Guides in the Exhibition*

The Verrocchio, Master of Leonardo will be introduced by students from the Alberti-Dante school in Florence and the Russel-Newton school in Scandicci. Visitors will be able to explore a selection of the works of art on display in the exhibition in considerable depth through the words of their young guides.


* Special admission to the Verrocchio, Master of Leonardo exhibition: only € 4.00 for the under 35’s

Aperitif and buffet at the Strozzi Caffè

The evening is organised in conjunction with students taking part in Palazzo Strozzi’s School-Work Alternation Scheme.

Info: edu@palazzostrozzi.org
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Since its inception, the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi has clearly declared its mission to be ‘not just exhibitions’. Exhibitions at Palazzo Strozzi have been considered a means to reach the Fondazione’s main goal: to help make Florence a dynamic contemporary city, and thereby contribute to renewed quality tourism, increased economic growth, and a better quality of life for its citizens. The Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi uses its exhibitions to create exciting new ways for tourists and citizens alike to explore the city, the county and the entire region of Tuscany. These innovative programmes include special itineraries, guided visits to the studios of contemporary artists, travelling street theatre performances and international conferences. The main ‘laboratory’ is the Palazzo Strozzi, but the experiments happen throughout the city and beyond.


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