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The Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi (working in conjunction with Toscana Promozione, the Regione Toscana, the Provincia di Firenze and the Comune di Firenze) began making an effort to make Tuscany Italy’s most welcoming region for Chinese visitors in 2008 with its China. At the Court of the Emperor and China China China!!! exhibitions. The first step has consisted in offering written material in Chinese. The Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi has produced four special “Passports” in Chinese and Italian since 2011. In these Passports the text in Chinese is on the left-hand page and the corresponding Italian text on the right-hand page, with the names and addresses of the most interesting sites appropriately highlighted. If visitors get their Passports stamped in at least five of the sites listed, they earn free admission to the Palazzo Strozzi exhibitions (where all of the texts in the exhibitions are available in Chinese). Since 2014, with the cooperation of the Italian Embassy in China, Chinese citizens obtaining an Italian visa have received a Passport entitled In the Footsteps of Leonardo da Vinci, sponsored by Lenovo. In addition to the Passports, Chinese visitors can download a free application for their iPhone called Florence in Your Pocket, with a selection of itineraries in Florence and the surrounding territory.
In June 2013 the Fondazione bolstered its ties with China by signing an agreement for the potential future creation of the Palazzo Strozzi Foundation China along not-for-profit lines, to be headquartered in Beijing and operated under Chinese law. The Fondazione’s aim is to stimulate an exchange of ideas, experiences and projects between China and Italy, and to cooperate in the creation of value through culture using pioneering paedagogical strategies and innovative technologies developed in Palazzo Strozzi.

Established in July 2006, the Palazzo Strozzi brand stands for international quality and user-friendliness. Its key features are:

Excellence: intelligent, engaged, international
Contemporary: modern, informed, provocative
Innovative: experimental, creative, open
Inviting: user-friendly, comfortable, social


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