The Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi is a public-private initiative. The private sector supports the Fondazione in two ways:

1) by directly sponsoring Palazzo Strozzi projects and initiatives

2) by becoming a member of the Association of Partners Palazzo Strozzi, one of the four initial founders of the Fondazione.

The value Palazzo Strozzi provides is association with the Palazzo Strozzi’s brand, known for quality, innovation, intelligence and courtesy. The closer the association with the Strozzi brand, the greater the value to the sponsor.
The greater the value of the sponsorship, the more visibility for the sponsor.
Visibility comes in many forms, above all the presence of the sponsor’s logo or the sponsor’s name, on the promotional materials of the Palazzo Strozzi.
The general outline of the relationship between sponsor investment and sponsor recognition are described in the Palazzo Strozzi Sponsor Guidelines, but every sponsor agreement is negotiated separately, with the sponsor’s own objectives and values in mind.

Additional benefits include, in addition to logo placement, press releases, articles for the sponsor website, attendance at meetings, lectures and private visits and in some cases cross links with the Palazzo Strozzi website.


Established in July 2006, the Palazzo Strozzi brand stands for international quality and user-friendliness. Its key features are:

Excellence: intelligent, engaged, international
Contemporary: modern, informed, provocative
Innovative: experimental, creative, open
Inviting: user-friendly, comfortable, social


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