Verrocchio, Master of Leonardo

Guided tours

Educational tours for groups of adults for one exhibition
€92.00 max. 25 people.

Educational tours for groups of individual visitors (in Italian)
Tours of the exhibition for individual visitors
Thursdays 19.00;
Saturdays at 18.00;
Sundays at 11.00.
The tour costs €10.00 per person and includes the radio headset system.
The ticket for the exhibition is not included.


Guided tours and workshops for school groups
Schools €52.00
Universities €72.00
Visit with workshop €72.00.
Florentine itineraries + exhibition
To tie in with the exhibition, you can participate in guided tours through the city at a facilitated price.
Itineraries are customizable and can last for three hours.
Groups of adults (3 hours) €172.00
Groups of adults (6 hours) €344.00
Schools €132.00.


Activities are available in different languages.

The cost indicated does not include the price of admission, the advance sale fee (€1.00 per person) and the radio headset system (€1.00 per person).
The advance sale fee and the radio headset system are free for schools.

Reservation required
Sigma CSC
From Monday to Friday
9.00-13.00; 14.00-18.00
Tel. +39 055 2469600; Fax +39 055 244145


The challenge facing the Fondazione from the outset has been to bring international quality exhibition and cultural events to Florence and Tuscany.

On the palazzo’s Piano Nobile and in the Strozzina area the Fondazione organises art exhibitions ranging from the art of the ancient world via the Renaissance to the modern and contemporary era.

From: 09 March 2019
To: 14 July 2019


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