Guided Tours

Guided tour to the exhibition

Palazzo Strozzi offers guided tours led by purpose-trained guides. Group tours may consist of no more than 20 visitors (plus guide). Whisper systems with earphones must be used: groups may use their own system or request a system when booking. Date and time slot must be booked in advance by contacting the booking office.

Guided tours for groups of adults

€ 100 max 20 people.

The cost of the tour does not include the price of admission

The cost of admission for groups is € 12 + € 1 advance booking fee.
The cost of hiring a whisper system with earphones, which is compulsory for guided tours, is included in the price of admission.

Guided tours for individual visitors (in Italian)

Every Monday at 6.00 pm.
Every Sunday at 3.00 pm.

The guided tour is free with the ticket entrance and includes the radio head-set system. Limited places, reservation is required: you can call or send an email to the booking office This activity has been realised thanks to the support of Unicoop Firenze.

Groups visiting the exhibition with an independently organised guided tour

Date and time slot must be booked in advance. Tickets must be purchased in advance, after checking the availability of the chosen date and time slot, by phoning or sending an e-mail to the booking office.

Whisper systems with earphones must be used for every group of more than 3 people (plus guide): groups may use their own system, or request a system when booking.
The cost of the whisper system for groups from 3 to 7 people is € 7.
The cost of the whisper system for groups of more than 8 people is € 15.

Exhibition + Itineraries

Itineraries can be organised at advantageous rates in Florence and the surrounding area. The itineraries can be customised for both adult and school groups. The itineraries and destinations proposed can be fully customised and can last:

half a day € 172 (max 3 hours)
schools half day €132 (max 3 hours)
full day € 344 (max 6 hours)
schools full day € 264 (max 6 hours)

Itinerary prices do not include the cost of admission to any of the sites included in the itinerary or the radio whisper system, which costs € 1.50 per person.

Guided tours for school groups

On the occasion of each exhibition, visits and workshops are offered to schools of all levels to experience the exhibition as a space for personal experimentation and sharing with the whole class.

To discover the full offer, consult the Schools section of our website.

Info and reservations

CSC Sigma
From Monday to Friday
9.00-13.00; 14.00-18.00
Tel. +39 055 2645155