Palazzo Strozzi Partners Committee Sostenere la cultura e associare la propria azienda all'eccellenza di Palazzo Strozzi

Private companies can support the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi through sponsorship agreements but also by joining the Palazzo Strozzi Partners Committee: a group of high-standing international and national companies that support the Foundation through an annual liberal grant.

Becoming a Partner of Palazzo Strozzi means associating your company with a symbol of the Renaissance in the world, the most important art exhibition centre in Florence, which since 2006 has hosted over 50 exhibitions with 3 million visitors managing to create a great economic impact on the local territory and attracting international attention. It also means contributing to the development of a unique artistic and cultural program which, through attractive projects of high artistic quality, creates a fascinating dialogue between ancient and contemporary, with the involvement of the most important artists, museums and cultural institutions in the world.

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Secretary General of the Partners Committee
Carlo Ceccarelli



Special Partner