Information for visitors Facilities and Accessibility

Rules of access to the exhibition

The Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi prides itself on always taking great care of its visitors. In order to ensure a safe and enjoyable visitor experience we remember you that inside the exhibition it is strictly prohibited:


To enter with large bags or backpacks


To bring in animals of any size (apart from guide dogs for our disabled visitors who are, naturally, most welcome)


To bring in food or drink of any kind


To take photographs using a flash, a tripod or a selfie stick
To touch the exhibits


To take photographs using a flash, a tripod or a selfie stick


To touch the exhibits

You must start your tour in the first room of the exhibitions and move forward from there. No backtracking is permitted.

Box Office

The box office, inside Palazzo Strozzi’s courtyard, sells tickets to our exhibitions, Friends of Palazzo Strozzi membership cards and the Firenzecard.


There is a free cloakroom service for visitors to leave their bags and backpacks in lockers (with keys) while they visit the exhibition. Visitors are required to leave all luggage, backpacks, parcels, umbrellas, and bags larger than 35 x 30 x 10 cm. (13.5” x 11.5” x 4”) in the lockers.


Palazzo Strozzi offers visitors free Wi-Fi connectivity.


A bookshop situated at the exhibition exit offers visitors a selection of publications and gadgets associated with the exhibition.

Museum shop

Bottega Strozzi, situated in the Palazzo’s courtyard and freely accessible to all, carries a wide selection of publications, books on contemporary art and unique creations offering an original take on the themes of the exhibitions.


Toilets are available for visitors only on the second floor of the palace and are equipped to be fully accessible to visitors with disabilities.
In the courtyard there is a toilet reserved for customers of the Strozzi Bistrò.

Baby changing facility

The nappy/diaper changing table is available for visitors to the exhibitions and is located inside the toilet located on the fist floor.

Guided tours

Palazzo Strozzi organizes guided tours to its exhibitions for individual visitors, groups of adults and school groups.
For more detailed information please consult this web page: Guided Tours.

Family activities

Palazzo Strozzi offers family activities broken down by age group. Adults and children can visit the exhibition under their own steam using the Family Kit, which contains games and information on the exhibits, or they can take part in guided tours and workshops, also broken down by age group (starting at age three).
For more detailed information please consult this web page: Families.


Palazzo Strozzi is barrier-free.

The entrance with ramp to the Palazzo is located on Via Strozzi. In case of need, you can get in touch with the ticket office by pressing the button or calling the number indicated.
An elevator located in the courtyard is available to access the exhibition floor.

Visitors can request at the ticket office to use the wheelchair located in the cloakroom on the second floor.

Bathrooms in the exhibition areas are accessible to people with mobility disabilities.

Sensory and facility map

Palazzo Strozzi is committed to making its exhibitions increasingly inclusive by organizing a series of accessibility projects for people with autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, intellectual disabilities and mental distress.
For more detailed information please consult this web page: Accessibility projects.