Supporting Palazzo Strozzi means imparting added value to art, culture and innovation by allowing it to organise the exhibitions, activities and initiatives that have made the Fondazione a beacon in the Italian and international cultural landscape. Palazzo Strozzi has become a byword for quality, research and accessibility. Associating your name with Palazzo Strozzi means promoting those values.

There are various ways and various financial levels for a private player to support the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi. The unique and specific relationship we have with each one of our supporters is of crucial importance because it is on the basis of the unique characteristics of an individual or company that we develop projects, initiatives and particular acknowledgments.

Individuals and companies can support the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi either through specific sponsorship agreements or by joining the Palazzo Strozzi Partners Committee, supporting the Fondazione with an annual charitable donation benefiting from the Art bonus scheme.

The Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi’s aim is to have a cultural, social and economic impact on the region with projects developing an intriguing dialogue between the classic and the contemporary involving the world’s leading artists, museums and institutions. So supporting Palazzo Strozzi offers you the chance to contribute to the development of a unique artistic and cultural programme and to link your name to a cultural institution that is now held up as a model in Italy and throughout the world thanks also to its ability to attract an audience and to communicate its content with promotional campaigns and a major presence in the media at both the national and international levels.

Private individuals can support the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi in one of the following ways:


Sponsorship projects for the Fondazione’s exhibitions, initiatives and activities can be developed on an ad hoc basis tailored to the sponsor’s specific requirements. Benefits and profile exposure can take various forms, from displaying the sponsor’s logo or name on items promoting or communicating the activity or exhibition, to organising exclusive events, dedicated benefits and opportunities for acknowledgment and involvement.

Palazzo Strozzi Partners Committee

Any company or individual can subscribe to the Palazzo Strozzi Partners Committee with an annual charitable donation, which is eligible to benefit from the Art bonus scheme allowing the donor to claim a 65% tax credit on the amount donated. The Committee consists of a group of individuals and companies that support the Fondazione very closely, developing a special relationship with Palazzo Strozzi based on cooperation and participation.

Palazzo Strozzi Foundation USA

By making a donation to the Palazzo Strozzi Foundation USA, a 501-c-3 non profit organisation registered in New York, which represents the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi di Firenze in the United States. An independent institution, the US Foundation develops schemes and activities at the international level, supporting and working with Palazzo Strozzi in Florence on projects, events and initiatives.