AI WEIWEI: Stay home, stay together

Ai Weiwei sends a video message to Florence and Italy as a personal contribution to the new Palazzo Strozzi project IN TOUCH. A reflection on the Coronavirus emergency, with a clear statement: “Stay home, stay together“.

Hello. In this very difficult moment I wish you all well – as we all know Coronavirus is a challenge of this special time. Many people are suffering. There’s no border, no nationality or different class or religion can really escape from this almost very democratic virus. As we know there is no clear solution for something happened very unpredictable and also mysterious – with so much uncertainty that deeply affects our life, and many many people already lost their life.
And the same will continue for a while. This makes us understand that life is fragile and we can never really take this peaceful life for granted and we have to fight, we have to struggle. That requires solidarity, requires understanding, scientific research but more it requires our perspective on life itself.
Life is a struggle and life is full of surprise and I think this moment we need to be fully aware of the situation and to have some kind of positive attitude: stay home and stay together.
Thank you.

A dissident artist with a leading voice, Ai Weiwei represents one of the most influential personalities of our time. In 2016 he was the protagonist of  AI WEIWEI. LIBERO, a greatly successful exhibition that launched a new course dedicated to contemporary art at Palazzo Strozzi.