International Slow Art Day at Palazzo Strozzi 2013 Looking at art... slowly

Saturday 27 April 2013


NOTESThe activity is free with a ticket to the exhibition.
Tickets: twin ticket Piano Nobile – CCC Strozzina (€ 8.00 adults, € 4.00 children)
Duration: The activity takes about 90 minutes (recommended start time 11.00)
Conversation group: At 13.30 Workshop on the first floor.
Languages: Italian and English

The International Slow Art Day is an experience that takes place simultaneously in different parts of the world. Palazzo Strozzi is participating again for the 2013 edition, offering visitors a new way to experience the exhibition The Springtime of the Renaissance.

Slow Art Day is split into two events:
-On the morning of 27 April, visitors are invited to look at no more than 5-6 works of art…slowly and to find out everything they can possibly discover by observing each work for 10 to 15 minutes.
Materials full of ideas for you take your cue from as you conduct this experiment will be freely avalaible to all participants.
-The event concludes with an open conversation in small groups in the workshop on the first floor where you’ll have the opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions about your experience. During this event, anyone who wishes to may share lunch too, either bringing it from home or buying it at the Renaissance Cafè situated in the courtyard of Palazzo Strozzi.
(No food or drink may be taken into the exhibition. If you bring a lunch pack, you can leave it in the workshop before starting the activity).

Try the experience of looking at art work slowly
…then tell us on Facebook or Twitter how it went and what you discovered!

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