Look, discover, create – The Thirties Workshops for discovering The Palazzo

  • Sunday 07 October 2012
  • Sunday 04 November 2012
  • Sunday 02 December 2012

Activity in Italian language only.
This activity is free and does not require a ticket to the exhibition.

Three interactive visits for discovering Palazzo Strozzi. Games and activities to discover together
this extraordinary example of private Renaissance architecture.

Have you ever really looked closely at Palazzo Strozzi?
We’ll use our senses to discover the sounds, colours and forms of this building and its relationship
with the city. Games and activities will help us discover the details which hold the clues to understanding this “grand home” of the Strozzi Family.
Three meetings to explore the spaces of this extraordinary Renaissance palazzo.

It is possible to partecipate in individual appointments.

Sunday,  October 7
100 ways to say piazza
What is a piazza? And a courtyard?
Together we’ll explore the “Strozzi piazze” to discover what they are like….and how they could be!

Sunday,  November 4
A grand family for a grand home
Who lived at Palazzo Strozzi? Why did they build such a big house?
Together we’ll explore the corners of the palazzo that hide clues about its past and discover how
much our own houses today tell about who we are!

Sunday,  December 2
The stone giant
We become space explorers – architectural space- to disover  a very special building, Palazzo Strozzi, one of the finest examples of Renaissance architectureand full of interesting details.