Emerging talents

23 January 2009

29 March 2009

For the entire course of the exhibition, the Center for Contemporary Culture Strozzina has scheduled a program of meetings for going further into the themes of young art and emerging culture in Italy.

Beside a program of lectures, hosting artists, curators and different creative sectors’ experts, the CCCS Education Department offers Focus on Artist, a series of meetings for reflecting about the work of some artists of the exhibition.

All the meetings will be in Italian, on Thursday, from 6.30 to 8.00 pm.

05.02.2009 – Marzia Migliora (Artist)
Ten asterisks. What it means to be an artist in Italy today.

12.02.2009 – Vito Zagarrio
(Movie-director and Professor at Roma 3 University)

The Best of Youth. Joy and pain of the new audiovisual world
(cinema, television, documentary, digital video).

19.02.2009 – Focus on artists by CCCS Education Department
Challenge to time and space: the journey of the artist.

26.02.2009 – Andrea Lissoni (Curator)
The experience of independent curators and the importance
of their role within the Italian contemporary art system.

19.03.2009 – Focus on artists by CCCS Education Department
Inside the context of the artwork. Object, environment, borders.

26.03.2009 – Luca Molinari
(Architect and Professor at Seconda Università di Napoli)

About a new architecture in Italy.

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