Art Monopoly The Family Suitcase

NOTESTo book Art Monopoly either phone beforehand
(+39 055 2645155) or enquire at the information point on the Piano Nobile.

The family kit
Play the show! Art Monopoly, the family suitcase devised specifically for the exhibition The Thirties.
The Arts in Italy Beyond Fascism, allows you to discover the exhibits and artists in a truly fun and innovative way.
Open the suitcase and discover your gaming board, inspired by the famous game of Monopoly invented in the 1930s.
A throw of the dice decides your path through the show, with an endless variety of possibilities! Don’t forget to stop by the Radio Room and record your interview: you’ll make your mark on the show and be a part of Radio Palazzo Strozzi’s very own radio programmes!

Thanks to Il Bisonte for the suitcase