Art Without a Label

To tie in with the Natalia Goncharova. A Woman of the Avant-garde with Gauguin, Matisse and Picasso exhibition (28 September 2019 – 12 January 2020) the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi’s Education Department has devised two kinds of activity for upper secondary school classes.
The two activities are designed to stimulate a reflection on Natalia Goncharova’s work, on her multifaceted approach to art, on her relationship with Post-Impressionist art and the early 20th century avant-garde movements, and on her experience as a woman artist in patriarchal Russian society. Both activities alternate moments narrating Natalia Goncharova’s life and art with moments of open debate with the class, plus a practical part in the tour with workshop option.


Teachers who plan to accompany their classes on the trip are urged to download this document which contains a number of bibliographical indications, videos and a brief introductory activity at which students can try their hand before accessing the exhibition. The introductory activity is optional.


During the tour a Palazzo Strozzi educator accompanies the class to explore the exhibition, dwelling on a selection of works to provide a necessary overview of the artist’s career. The selection of works is designed to allow the class to visit the exhibition as whole, to offer the right level of exploration and discussion, and to ensure that students have a chance to appreciate first-hand experience of art through direct observation, listening and conversing.

The activity lasts an hour and a half and costs € 52 (for groups of max. 25 students), in addition to the price of admission (€ 4 per student, free of charge for accompanying teachers).

TOUR WITH WORKSHOP / Art Without a Label

Classes can also supplement their conversational tour of the exhibition with a spell in the workshop. In the workshop students are involved in an activity based on the creation of a group composition spawned by their observation of Natalia Goncharova’s work and by her ability to translate her work into media other than painting, for example prints or the theatre.

The aim of the activity is to trigger a reflection on the process and relational aspects of art by using a working kit developed in conjunction with illustrator and designed Manuel Baglieri.

The activity lasts two hours and costs € 72 (for groups of max. 25 students), in addition to the price of admission (€ 4 per student, free of charge for accompanying teachers). The first part lasts roughly 1 hour 10 minutes and takes place inside the exhibition. The second part lasts roughly 45 minutes and takes place in the workshop.

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