ArtSchoolMuseum 2017 Experiences in art and the world of education - Second international conference

23–24 November 2017

The Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi is organising the second edition of a conference devoted to the relationship between schools and art museums.

For this new edition of Art/School/Museum we will be inviting some of the Italian and international museums that have distinguished themselves for their commitment and the quality of their education programmes devoted to art and education. The 2017 edition will also contain a section devoted to projects involving academies and universities.

With the Art/School/Museum conference, Palazzo Strozzi sets out to reiterate its commitment to the issues of mediation and museum education, its dedication to different kinds of audience, its close ties with the world of education and its identity as a crucible of experimentation.


With its annual conferences devoted to education in the museum sector, Palazzo Strozzi also takes on a role as a venue for the exchange of best practices open to professionals from the world of culture and education.

The two-day event will offer participants an opportunity to share some of the more significant initiatives in Italy and abroad designed to attract youngsters to the world of art, affording priority to unconventional formulas devised to expand and renew synergies among art centres, museums, the world of education and the institutions.


Palazzo Strozzi wish to offer museum managers, education managers, teachers, students and artists a chance to share models, experiences and methods in an effort to spark a constructive debate on the role of museums in connection with art in schools. The two-day programme will include direct addresses, workshops and focus groups.

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