Drawing Kit – Natalia Goncharova To train your eye and your hand

A notepad, a pencil and small handbook with a few suggestions for observing the exhibits: the Drawing Kit, which is freely available for all visitors to the exhibition, is designed to help you train your eye and express your creativity through the oldest form or art: drawing.

Drawing is looking, a different way of knowing and forging a bond with a work of art. It is a method for concentrating and, at the same time, for losing yourself in front of a picture or sculpture. A drawn image contains within it the experience of observation; translating what we see into a new drawing is part of our personal effort to impart a new form to the world around us.

The Drawing Kit is designed for anyone wishing to visit the exhibition and discover a new way of look at the art of the great masters. The important thing is not to produce a great drawing but to let your eye, hand and pencil work together to transport you into the experience of creation.

You can ask for the Kit free of charge at the exhibition Info Point.
The Kit cannot be booked in advance.

Download the Drawing Kit here

Find the previous Drawing Kit here

INFO: edu@palazzostrozzi.org