Family Kit (Natalia Goncharova) For children (from age 3) and adults

The Family Kit is a tool designed to allow adults and children aged 3+ to share their experiences in the exhibition in a creative and fun way.

Each stage of the tour includes an activity and in-depth exploration to discover the works in the Natalia Goncharova. A Woman of the Avant-Garde exhibition.
With the kit you can: observer, invent, discover with your senses, learn, draw and invent stories to approach the multi-faceted Russian artist’s art.

The Kit contains everything you need to tour the show under your own steam: a booklet with games and suggestions for viewing the works, objects and materials to use in the exhibition and a diary to share your impressions with the people who use the kit after you.

It takes about 90 minutes to complete all the activities in the Kit, but visitors can choose how long their tour lasts.

Download The Family Kit Booklet

You can ask for the Family Kit free of charge at the exhibition Info Point.
The Family Kit cannot be booked in advance.
The Family Kit is available in Italian and English.

Our gratitude to Wanny Di Filippo from Il Bisonte for the Family Kit bag