Further thoughts from the exhibition Alter Eva

Which are the critical threads that lie behind an exhibition? What drives the dialogue between the curator and the artists?

The 2020/21 MA class in Curatorial Practice of IED, in Florence, collaborated on the creation of Alter Eva. Natura Potere Corpo and produced an audio series to shed light on the curatorial processes encapsulated in the exhibition, thus offering a sneak peek behind the scenes.

Here are six audio tracks that broaden the threads around which ‘Alter Eva’was built.Moving from audio cues that evoke the works of the selected artists, each track invites the listeners, guided by the voices of Francesca Bonissone, Elena Castiglioni, Nora Criadio Diaz, Yanru Li, Thea Moussa and Linda Toivio to expand their horizons.

Above: Silvia Rosi, Self Portrait as my Father, 2019. Courtesy l’artista / the artist