Galleria Ivan Bruschi and Bill Viola

The new Gallery, opened in 2016 by the Fondazione Ivan Bruschi, from Friday 5 May to Sunday 17 September 2017 will host Tristan’s Ascension by Bill Viola.
The exhibition area is adjacent to the Basilica of San Francesco, home to Piero della Francesca’s magnificent cycle of frescoes depicting the Legend of the True Cross.

Viola was deeply struck by something during his travels in Italy: “In this country it isn’t like in a museum where you see the painting in front of you, at eye level. The frescoes here reach right up to the ceiling and you have to make a real effort to see anything. It’s a living environment, the walls echo people’s voices, their steps.” And he wrote: “That was probably when I had my first subconscious experience of art associated with the body, because many of the works of that era, from large public sculptures to paintings incorporated in church architecture, are simply a form of installation: a physical, spatial experience for total consumption. Also, in its function, the classical art of the Renaissance was something far closer to our television than to contemporary painting; it was an art form where many of the images are intended to communicate stories that could be easily recognised by the uneducated masses in clearly visible spaces.”


Friday 5 May, 17.00
Arezzo, Fondazione Bruschi
Opening Bill Viola’s Tristan’s Ascension
Free entrance

Piazza San Francesco 1, Arezzo
tel. +39 0575 1645505

This initiative is part of the project Piccoli Grandi Musei by Fondazione CR Firenze