Opera Duomo Museum and Marina Abramović

On the occasion of the great exhibition Marina Abramović. The Cleaner, two of Marina Abramović’s works – Pietà (Anima Mundi), 1983 and The Kitchen VCarrying the Milk, 2009 – interact with the masterpieces in the Opera Duomo Museum.

The Kitchen pays tribute to Saint Therese of Avila, a Spanish mystic who experienced levitation of the body in the kitchen and communed with the Godhead; in the video on show in the museum, Marina Abramović observes a bowl of milk with almost religious concentration. Pietà (Anima Mundi), produced in conjunction with Ulay, is a tableau vivant.

Inspired by the Versperbild iconography portraying the two artists’ bodies as though they were the figures in a Pietà in which Marina is associated with the Virgin, holding in her lap the body of Ulay who may be likened to Christ after His deposition from the Cross. The work interacts with Michelangelo’s Pietà Bandini (1547–55), a masterpiece carved in the great sculptor’s later years that bears witness to his faith. He designed it for the altar at whose foot he expected to be buried.

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