Speaking with the Body – Tour + Workshop (Power and Pathos)

The workshop Speaking with the Body focuses on body language and its potential for expression. The tour of the exhibition Power and Pathos. Bronze Sculpture of the Hellenistic World is devoted to the theme of depicting the body and sparking a dialogue with the students and teachers about the bronze bodies on display and the bodies of visitors. In the workshop, a series of theatrical exercises allow the children to gain awareness of their own body’s potential for communication to then work together on building their own composition of speaking statues.

The activity (tour of the exhibition + workshop) lasts two hours and costs € 72.00 per group (maximum 25 students) plus the price of admission to the exhibition (€ 4.00 per student). Admission is free for accompanying teaching staff.

The activity is conducted in Italian or, by prior arrangement, English, French or Spanish.

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