The Gazing Eye A social media project in conjunction with Polimoda

The Gazing Eye education project is the product of a joint venture between the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi and Polimoda for the purpose of creating original video content for Palazzo Strozzi’s Instagram account telling the story of the exhibits in its Jeff Koons. Shine exhibition.

The project has allowed twelve Polimoda students to share with Palazzo Strozzi’s digital community a personal revisitation of the exhibition as seen through their own eyes. Taking a careful look at the visual and aesthetic stimuli triggered by Jeff Koons’ work, their videos highlight the post-modern strength inherent in the way the artist interacts with his surroundings, involves his audience and constantly seeks to strike a non-hierarchical balance between lofty and popular culture.

With eight reels for Palazzo Strozzi’s Instagram profile published every two weeks, each one exploring a different room in the exhibition, The Gazing Eye is part of a programme of activities specially developed to create formative experiences for university students involving Palazzo Strozzi’s exhibitions.

In particular, the project offers students an opportunity to air their ideas and views in an audio-visual communication environment, leading to the development of new and innovative ways of creatively communicating art. The reels are part and parcel of Palazzo Strozzi’s communication strategy for promoting the exhibition, implementing it and enriching it with new and highly original content.

The concepts are developed and the video content filmed and edited by students enrolled in Polimoda‘s undergraduate courses in Fashion Art Direction and Fashion Marketing Communication. The project was devised and developed by the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi’s Riccardo Lami and Matthias Favarato who worked with the students at a cycle of meetings devoted to creating material and to then reviewing the material created.