The House with the Ocean View

From Tuesday 4 December to Sunday 16 December 2018, Palazzo Strozzi’s ongoing exhibition Marina Abramović. The Cleaner (until 20 January 2019) will feature The House with the Ocean View, a performance originally held by Marina Abramović at the Sean Kelly Gallery in New York in 2002. The work is replicated at Palazzo Strozzi as part of the reperformance program that accompanies the exhibition and sees key performance works by Abramović recreated by trained actors.

Following Marina Abramović’s approach in 2002, the Finnish performer Tiina Pauliina Lehtimäki, will remain in isolation and silence whilst fasting for twelve continuous days. Under the gaze of the public, Pauliina Lehtimaki will enact her daily routine; sleeping, meditating, taking a shower, and using the bathroom. Over the course of the 12 days she will live in three elevated rooms at Palazzo Strozzi, connected to the ground by stairs whose pegs will be replaced by knives with blades facing upwards.

“This performance was born from my desire to discover whether it was possible for me to use a simple daily routine with its rules and restrictions to purify myself” said Marina Abramović “Could I alter my energy field? And could that, in turn, change the energy field of the public and of the space itself?” The performance thus becomes a declaration of transparency and, at the same time, of one a state of impotence, aimed at an intense exchange of energy between the artist and the spectators.