The Sculptor’s Satchel For everyone, age 3 and up

To book the Sculptor’s Satchel, either phone beforehand (+39 055 2645155) or enquire at the
information point on the Piano Nobile.

The family kit
Of all the arts, sculpture calls out to be touched. Museums famously forbid touching, and visitors
must content themselves with touching with the eyes only. But the Sculptor’s Satchel, the
family kit devised for The Springtime of the Renaissance exhibition, contains a wealth of tactile
experiences for the whole family. In fact, the satchel itself is your first tactile experience because
it’s made up of an assortment of pieces of leather that feel very different to the touch.
The satchel contains explanatory cards and games for every age group, allowing the whole family to explore the show in a thought-provoking and fun way.

Our thanks to Il Bisonte for the satchel