The Wikipedia Gym – Natalia Goncharova Writing art history for everyone

Following the success of the previous editions (spring and autumn 2018, spring 2019), the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi will be hosting a seminar entitled Wikipedia Gym. Writing Art History for Everyone, organized in conjunction with MAB Toscana, Wikimedia Italia and Florence University’s SAGAS Department.

The seminar focuses on enhancing the content of Palazzo Strozzi’s exhibitions through the creation and drafting of art historical entries in Wikipedia. The seminar is designed for university students, offering them a chance to try their hand at art history writing, learning the basic techniques in bibliographical research via databases and digital archives and understanding the use and potential of the Wikipedia free encyclopedia in communicating and disseminating art and culture.

Is Wikipedia reliable? Who writes Wikipedia? What is the right way of using it? How can I improve it to foster our societies’ cultural growth? How should culture be disseminated and access to it facilitated? These are the questions on which we will be basing our exploration and familiarisation with the largest free encyclopedia in the world.

The project is coordinated by the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi’s Education Department and implemented with the valuable contribution of MAB Toscana (Silvia Bruni, Susanna Giaccai and Stefania Puccini), Wikimedia Italia (Manuela Musco) and Florence University’s SAGAS Department (Professor Giorgio Bacci).

The Wikipedia Gym is part of the programme of activities developed to facilitate formative experiences for university students through Palazzo Strozzi’s exhibitions.