Void Pavilion VII Work by Anish Kapoor for the courtyard of Palazzo Strozzi with the Fondazione Hillary Merkus Recordati

At the center of the courtyard stands a large pavilion that serves as both a point of departure and arrival in the dialogue between Anish Kapoor’s art and Palazzo Strozzi. Upon entering the sculpture, visitors are confronted by a triad of rectangular voids that invite the gaze to descend within, offering a meditative experience of space, perspective and time that unsettles the rational geometric structure of the Renaissance building in which it sits and the orderliness it so emblematically represents.

This experience cannot be fully comprehended through sight alone. It appears to embrace the unconscious of each of us in a world of shadows. It represents emptiness, a well, a physical vertigo of the unknown, the fear of falling, of being drawn into the inscrutability of the past and the future. In a place as strict and controlled as Palazzo Strozzi, Kapoor invites us to enter into a darkness where we might lose and rediscover ourselves, prompting introspection about our own interiority, about what is real or unreal, true or untrue.

Void Pavilion VII was realized as part of Palazzo Strozzi Future Art programme developed with the support of the Fondazione Hillary Merkus Recordati.