Arachnomancy Cards Lecture of Arachnomancy Cards

From 07 September 2020

To 26 October 2020

  • Monday

Each room in the exhibition is linked to one of the artist’s Arachnomancy Cards-invitations to attune to our sympoetic futures, and to celebrate the radical interconnectedness of all things, both living and nonliving. One of the rooms hosts a complete set of the thirty-three Arachnomancy Cards.

In this space, every Monday from 17.30 to 19.30, you can attend an individual interpretation of the cards with Gestalt psychotherapist Dr. Gianmarco Meucci. Inspired in part by the practice of nggám, or spider divination, in the Mambila tribe of Cameroon and Nigeria, during which questions are asked of a grounddwelling spider who submits an answer by rearranging an arachnomancer’s ‘divination cards,’ our Arachnomancy cards thinks through the oracular capabilities of the spider/web, whose vibrational world may open it to knowledge we don’t have access to.

To discover more about the lecture of the Arachnomancy Cards, read the article from In Touch What would happen if you were happy? by Gianmarco Meucci (Italian only).

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Let your future be read by a spider/web and download the Arachnomancy app, created by Studio Tomás Saraceno, joining an exercise mapping against extinction. For more information visit

Photo credits:
Tomás Saraceno, Arachnomancy Cards, 2019
© Photography by Studio Tomás Saraceno, 2019