Form thiefs Workshop for families with children aged 7 to 12

From 27 March 2022

To 24 July 2022

  • Sunday

Donatello’s works launched a new approach to sculpture heavily based on experimentation. Thanks to his technical and material skills he managed to convey the full range of human emotions in extraordinary depth using marble, bronze and terracotta.

On our tour of the exhibition we will be discovering a number of the exhibits to allow us to gain a greater understanding of the master’s art and of the art of other Renaissance artists. We will be stopping in front of some of them and observing them, comparing them and talking about them in order to develop a personal take on them and to share our thoughts as a group. Minor activities in the exhibition halls will allow us to experience the exhibition first-hand in a playful and stress-free way, while in the workshop we will be revisiting what we have discovered and completing our experience by creating special sculptural works of our own.

The tour is designed to involve grown-ups and children together, thus the exhibition becomes an opportunity for the whole family to experience art “hands on”!

Tours comply with government regulations currently in force to contain the spread of  COVID-19.

Activity in Italian only.
Reservations are required. Places are limited.
The activities are free of charge; the cost is included in the price of admission to the exhibition


Sigma CSC
From Monday to Friday
9.00-13.00; 14.00-18.00
Tel. +39 055 26 45 155

Above: photo Giulia Del Vento