Beyond Performance – Rede Social OPAVIVARÁ!

16 May 2019

14 July 2019

The Opavivará! (Brasil 2005) artists’ collective encourages a heavily social use of urban space through the creation of relational works that propose collective performances such as Rede Social: a large and extremely colourful hammock measuring over 10 metres and specially designed for the Palazzo Strozzi courtyard.

Visitors are urged to play an active part in the installation by climbing into the hammock, where they will naturally tend to interact with the other participants as they move around in it or converse with them in one spot or another. Inspired by Brasilian culture – open, free and strongly collective – the hammock allows visitors to experience the Palazzo from an extremely novel and unusual viewpoint while also offering them a chance to relax, to have fun and to forget their formal role and place in society for a few moments.

Please remember that the installation is a work of art, so we would kindly ask you to show respect for it and to avoid damaging it or altering its shape or function. The artists have asked us to urge the public to enjoy the work of art freely; and we, in turn, would ask you to comply strictly with the following safety instructions: 

  • the installation can hold no more than 12 people at any one time;
  • visitors must remove all footwear and place it in the shoe racks provided before getting into the hammock;
  • smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited while in the hammock;
  • the installation is strictly out of bounds to pets or other animals, however small;
  • children are free to use and enjoy the installation, but only under the supervision and responsibility of their parent(s) or guardian(s).

Please do not leave any personal or valuable items unattended anywhere in the courtyard. The Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi cannot be held responsible for any form of theft or damage.

The installation is part of the Beyond Performance project promoted and organised by the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi, Fondazione CR Firenze and Osservatorio per le Arti Contemporanee. For the production of Rede Social, we thank A Gentil Carioca for the support.

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