Collective Identities For academies and universities

The Collective Identities scheme, devised for students in the art academies of Florence, is based on the idea of using the Palazzo Strozzi’s Dawn of a Nation. From Guttuso to Fontana and Schifano exhibition as a fertile humus for analysis and work leading to the production of new works of art.
The exhibition permits a comparison between Italian artists’ works and the historical, political and social climate of the 1950s and ’60s, providing an ideal starting point for students to explore the concepts of cultural, linguistic, national and gender identity.

While developing their art projects, the students will be attending exploratory meetings, including two talks with artists Lisa Batacchi and Maria Pecchioli to discuss the way in which they practise their art in relation to the issues addressed.

The works created by the students as part of the Collective Identities scheme will become starting points, in their turn, for the development of a new exhibition (23–30 June 2018) curated by the students taking the Art Management course at the IED Firenze.


«With a background in fashion design and the visual arts, I have developed a special interest in textile traditions, idealistic thought, religions, philosophies and skills that are disappearing from Eastern and Western cultures alike. My work, which includes photographs, drawings, performances, video footage and installations, uses travel, geopolitical research and hands-on work with communities to develop a critique of globalised culture through ecstatic forms of temporary disappearance from today’s capitalistic ideology.»
Lisa Batacchi

«The body lies at the heart of my research, as a tool for exploring the ethical and political context through which to activate social and aesthetic practices. My most recent projects are linked to queer culture and gender research. Multiple aesthetic languages underpin the work with which I build an awareness based on involvement, on the care and construction of communities. I am the co-founder and a member of the artistic and curatorial duo Radical Intention (2009) and of the Fosca collective (2006), and manager of the interdisciplinary residential space known as the “Corniolo Art Platform” (since 2010).»
Maria Pecchioli


The Collective Identities scheme is produced in conjunction with:
Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze (Prof. Marco Raffale, Prof. Massimo Orsini);
California State University (Prof. Marsha Steinberg);
Fondazione Studio Marangoni (Prof. Lucia Minunno);
LABA – Libera Accademia idi Belle Arti (Prof. Eugenia Vanni);
IED Firenze (Prof. Daria Filardo).

Our special thanks go to:
Lisa Batacchi and Maria Pecchioli