FAQ – Frequently asked questions

We strongly recommend that you buy your ticket in advance, but there is no obligation for you to do so. To purchase your tickets on line, please click here.

Please note that even if the website shows that all tickets for a particular day are sold out, you may still show up at the ticket office and buy your ticket on the day.

Booking a day and time slot when purchasing tickets in advance is only mandatory for organised groups and school parties and must be arranged directly with our reservations office by phoning us on + or by sending an e-mail to prenotazioni@palazzostrozzi.org

The reservations office is open from 9.00 to 18.00 Monday to Friday.

To find out the price of admission to an exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi or to see if you are entitled to a concession, please visit our Tickets & Opening hours page.

Tickets to the exhibition may be purchased:
– at the ticket office in Palazzo Strozzi when commencing your visit. The ticket office is open daily, including public holidays, from 10.00 to 19.00, or until 22.00 on Thursdays;
– on line by visiting this website: vivaticket.it,
– at a Vivaticket outlet anywhere in Italy (for a full list of Vivaticket outlets, visit this website: vivaticket.it).


Adult groups and school parties only may purchase tickets and reserve their date and time slot in advance by phoning our reservations office on + from 9.00 to 18.00 Monday to Friday, or by sending an e-mail to prenotazioni@palazzostrozzi.org

No, unfortunately you cannot book your ticket in advance over the phone or by e-mail and then pay for it at the ticket office when you visit the exhibition.

To use your pre-purchased ticket for a different date and/or time slot from the date and/or time slot that you originally booked, go to the ticket office before entering the exhibition and exchange your existing ticket for a DATE CHANGE (CAMBIO DATA) ticket for only € 2.00.

Tickets unused for reasons for which the organiser is not responsible cannot be refunded.
Before completing your purchase on line or at the ticket office, please carefully check that all details (e.g.: date, time slot, number of tickets purchased etc.) are correct.

The courtyard of Palazzo Strozzi is open daily from 9.00 to 20.00, or until 23.00 on Thursdays.

To find out the opening hours of our individual exhibitions, consult our Tickets & Opening hours page.

Audio-guides to our exhibitions in Italian and English cost € 4.00 to hire. You can pre-pay for the service on line and pick the audio-guide up at Palazzo Strozzi or at the ticket office when you visit. No deposit is required, but staff will ask you to leave valid ID with them until you return the audio-guide.

Palazzo Strozzi offers a full and varied programme of activities and events catering for all visitors.

Discover the complete programme on our Agenda.

You can book a guided tour of the exhibition in advance by phoning our reservations office on + between 9.00 and 18.00 Monday to Friday, or by sending an e-mail to prenotazioni@palazzostrozzi.org. Once you have made your reservation, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail giving you details of how to make your payment. Guided tours cost € 92.00 per group (max. 20 people) over and above the price of admission to the exhibition.

You can book the date and time slot for your visit to the exhibition by phoning our reservations office on + between 9.00 and 18.00 Monday to Friday, or by sending an e-mail to prenotazioni@palazzostrozzi.org. Once you have made your reservation, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail giving you details of how to make your payment.

The special concessionary ticket for groups costs € 12.00 per person plus an advance booking fee of € 1.00 per person.

Palazzo Strozzi organises numerous activities for families to share their exhibition experience. Grown-ups and kids can use the special Family Kit to visit the show under their own steam, or else they can take part in tours and workshops tailored to cater for various age groups from age 3 up.

To explore the full programme, visit our Families page.

An independent tour of an exhibition takes an average of one hour, although of course a great deal depends on how much time a visitor devotes to each exhibit. Guided tours take an average of one and a half hours.

Palazzo Strozzi is barrier-free.

The entrance with ramp to the Palazzo is located on Via Strozzi. In case of need, you can get in touch with the ticket office by pressing the button or calling the number indicated.
An elevator located in the courtyard is available to access the exhibition floor.

Visitors can request at the ticket office to use the wheelchair located in the cloakroom on the second floor.

Bathrooms in the exhibition areas are accessible to people with mobility disabilities.

Palazzo Strozzi is committed to making its exhibitions increasingly inclusive by organizing a series of accessibility projects for people with autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, intellectual disabilities and mental distress.

Strollers may be brought into Palazzo Strozzi and into its exhibitions.

Visitors are required to leave any luggage, parcels, helmets, umbrellas, backpacks, rucksacks and bags larger than 30 x 25 x 15 cm in the cloakroom. They may also leave jackets and overcoats in the cloakroom. The cloakroom is open every day during opening hours and is free of charge for all visitors. Each locker has a numbered key. The key should be replaced in the lock on the locker door after you retrieve your belongings.
The cloakroom is on the first floor. It is NOT a left luggage store, however, so bags and suitcases may only be left there while their owner is visiting an exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi.

Neither the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi nor its staff may be held accountable for missing items or damage to items left in the cloakroom.

No animals – however small – are allowed inside the exhibition area. This rule does not apply to guide dogs assisting visitors with visual impairment, which are of course most welcome.

Unfortunately it is not possible to visit the entire palazzo because certain areas are in use as offices. Palazzo Strozzi’s courtyard and loggia may be visited free of charge, while the exhibition area may be visited during exhibition opening hours by purchasing a ticket to the exhibition.