HOLY! HOLY! HOLY! A special scheme for Universities and Art Academies

To mark the Divine Beauty. From Van Gogh to Chagall and Fontana exhibition, Palazzo Strozzi’s Education Department has devised a scheme entitled Holy! Holy! Holy! specifically for students at universities and art academies in Florence.

The scheme was prompted by the idea of using the exhibition as a basis for analysis, with the aim of producing new works of art spawned by students’ encounter with the theme of the sacred and the transformation of religious iconography through a historical and political interpretation of the art of the last two centuries.

Students are initially taken on a guided tour of the exhibition and also given an opportunity to meet artists based in Tuscany whose work is strongly related to the theme in question. These encounters with artists provide a further opportunity for exchange, suggesting potential new approaches and interpretations devoted to the theme of the sacred.

In the context of the Holy! Holy! Holy! project, Nicoletta Salomon and Fabrizio Ajello have been invited to present their work in the course of two talks; these events mark a further moment of debate in the exploration of potential new approaches and interpretations on the theme of the sacred.

Wednesday 9 December, from 6.00 pm to 7.30 pm, at the end of the productive phase, the students will present their most significant results in the course of a public debate at Palazzo Strozzi (lecture room Strozzina).


Biographies of the Artists:

Nicoletta Salomon is a painter, writer and expert in Aesthetics and the Classical world. After graduating, and obtaining both a PhD and a post-doctoral degree, from the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, she went on to conduct research in European universities and in the United States. She currently teaches Creative Writing and Painting at Florence University of the Arts. She has written numerous essays on the Ancient World and on aesthetic philosophy.
Her art explores the dimension of the sacred and the gestures involved in painting (and in writing), approached from what one might call a liturgical standpoint. Her work is imbued with a philosophical outlook which interacts with, and is inspired by, both Greek thought and Christian meditation.

Fabrizio Ajello reflects and intervenes on Western cultural models, exploring and constantly interacting with the themes of the sacred, the collective and/or individual memory and the relationship between public space and private space.
Over time he has reinvented the use of painterly, video/photographic and sculptural techniques in the context of installation and performance processes, in an attempt to impart a social dimension to artistic experience.


For the realization of the project the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi would like to thank:
California State University (Marsha Steinberg)
Lorenzo De’ Medici (Gianluca Maver)
SACI (Daria Filardo)
Syracuse University, (Kirsten Stromberg, Stafani Talini)
Nicoletta Salomon
Fabrizio Ajello