I’m a Koons Fan Four playlists for Jeff Koons. Shine

To tie in with its Jeff Koons. Shine exhibition, the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi is proud to present I’m a Koons Fan, a selection of music in four theme-based playlists put together by Salotto Studio and dedicated to the work of one of the most important and best-known contemporary artists in the world today. Inspired by the series that Jeff Koons has produced over the years, the playlists offer different styles and genres ranging from rock and ultrapop to mainstream hits and more out-of-the-way pieces, in a selection of over 60 sounds that interpret the power of reflection and appearance, a living mirror of chrome and irony bursting with vitality.

We kick off with the disco, rock glam mood of the ‘eighties, with Price’s Gold, the New Order’s Blue Monday ’88, Donatella Rettore’s Splendido Splendente and Raffaella Carrà’s 0303456, before leaping into the heart of the ‘nineties with Depeche Mode’s I just can’t get enough and Madonna’s Celebration, diving headfirst into the musical hybrids of the ‘noughties with Simian Mobile Disco’s Audacity of Huge, Mango’s Oro and the Artic Monkeys’ Fluorescent Adolescent, and ending up with a cosmopolitan, transgenerational and transnational mix juxtaposing disco inspiration with ultrapop beat, with the voices of Lady Gaga in Art Pop and Lana del Rey in Million Dollar Man.

The playlists will be published every month on Palazzo Strozzi’s Spotify profile.

Luxury and Degradation

A selection blurring the lines between high and low in a flow of ‘eighties disco, rock and glam. In this playlist, pomp and the casual mingle with a touch of irony in an eclectic, provocational mix.


A selection in perfect ‘nineties style embodying a desire to exaggerate with childish exuberance and a playful attitude. A fully-fledged celebration of success and its perception.

Hulk Elvis

A ‘noughties selection narrating unthinkable musical hybrids, where provocation becomes mainstream in a constant elan towards the myth of the hit amid superheroes, fluorescences and a determination to think outside the box.

Gazing Ball

A selection dominated by ambiguity with ultra-glam sounds from the second half of the ‘noughties. Pop and electronic merge against a backdrop of splendour and glare, of being and being seen to be. A cosmopolitan, transgenerational and transnational mix juxatposing disco inspiration with ultrapop beat.