Interactive Rooms – The Russian Avant-garde Always open inside the exhibition

The Russian Avant-garde, Siberia and the East  includes two interactive rooms for visitors and families, offering the opportunity to explore art in a different, unconventional way.

The Reading Room
The Reading Room offers visitors of all ages the opportunity to explore the themes of the exhibition in greater depth. Alongside a specially curated selection of books, the installation for the exhibition
The Russian Avant-garde focusses on the idea of narration. Special panels will share visitor-created stories inspired by the exhibition from Palazzo Strozzi programmes A più voci – With many voices, A thousand and one tales of… The Russian Avant-garde, and The Storyteller.

If you’d like to know which books have been selected for the Reading Room you can download the full list here.
Would you like to learn more about the exhibition and its themes? A broader selection of books for adults and children is available for browsing and borrowing at the Biblioteca delle Oblate.

The Radio Room
The exhibition also features a real Radio Studio in which visitors can record their own thoughts about the experience of travel, exploration and emigration.  Every Thursday at 9:35am (repeated on Sundays at 11.30am) Controradio (93.6 fm) will broadcast the best interviews conducted during the week.