Interactive Rooms – The Springtime of the Renaissance Always open inside the exhibition

The Springtime of the Renaissance exhibition hosts two interactive rooms for families and for all
visitors, offering you the opportunity to explore art in a different, unconventional way.

The Reading Room
The Reading Room is an open invitation to all visitors to stop, wind down and leaf through books
relevant to the show. The room has been specially designed to recall the studiolo of a typical late
Renaissance collector; it even contains small bronze statuettes for you touch and to hold.

The Cast Court
In the Cast Court visitors are invited to use their hands to explore plaster casts of sculptural
masterpieces. Tactile observation allows you to appreciate the shape of Renaissance works and to
gain a better understanding of how they were made.

Our thanks to the Galleria Frilli for producing the small bronze statuettes for the Reading Room and for its cooperation
in the tactile observation project.
Our thanks to the Liceo Artistico Statale di Porta Romana for producing the plaster casts and organising the layout of
the Cast Court.