Policy for photo and video reproductions

1. Introduction

The Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi is tasked with promoting and enhancing art and culture through exhibitions, events, and projects engaging all audiences, often through the use of images. In this context, this document aims to establish rules and norms regarding photographic and video reproduction of exhibited works and exhibition spaces. The goal is to ensure the protection of the legal and moral rights of the subjects depicted and the artworks, preserving their image and original significance.

2. Personal use

The works exhibited at Palazzo Strozzi are subject to third-party rights, which have not been transferred to us and are therefore inalienable for authors, works, and depicted subjects. Therefore, any use for advertising, promotional, and commercial purposes of images and videos of exhibited works and exhibition spaces is prohibited.

Reproduction of works and exhibition spaces in low-resolution images and videos is permitted solely for personal use under the following conditions:
– The use of flash or other additional lights, selfie sticks, tripods, and similar tools is prohibited.
– Recordings must be made while maintaining a safe distance from the artworks and in a manner that does not interfere with the visiting experience of others.
– The reproduction of certain artworks on display may be subject to restrictions; therefore, please pay attention to signage prohibiting photographs or videos of individual artworks.

3. For press: newspapers and journalists

Any video and photo services must be coordinated with the Press Office of the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi by providing information about the publication or blog, the type of coverage, and the release schedules via email to l.rinaldi@palazzostrozzi.org.

4. For social media: content creators and influencers

It is necessary to inform the Digital Communication and Social Media Manager of the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi of any video and photo content for editorial purposes by providing information about the profile, the type of coverage, and the publication schedules via email to m.favarato@palazzostrozzi.org.

5. For study and research purposes

Palazzo Strozzi welcomes visitors and students who wish to delve into themes related to the exhibited works and pursue academic and personal research.

We kindly request students and researchers to review the guidelines listed in the previous sections. Please also consider that any static or moving reproduction of works exhibited at Palazzo Strozzi must be carried out while observing and maintaining the utmost adherence to the artist’s idea, never with the intent of altering or degrading its meaning.

It is strictly prohibited to use the exhibition spaces and the artworks therein as backgrounds for posed shots, especially in contexts where subjects wear costumes or accessories. Introducing and filming objects, tools, and other creative works placed in the exhibition path or adjacent areas at Palazzo Strozzi is not permitted.

Photos and videos may only be used for research and study purposes. Any publication in print and online materials or on digital channels must be pre-approved by the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi, which can inform the interested party of the existence of third-party rights associated with the reproduced works.

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