Speak loud / Parla forte – Olafur Eliasson: Nel tuo tempo Learn Italian through art

Art exhibitions are a perfect setting in which to take one’s measure of history and to explore the present, a space in which to enjoy an engaging aesthetic experience and a potentially stimulating venue for learning a foreign language.

Speak Loud / Parla Forte is a scheme devised for anyone studying Italian who wishes to test their skills in absolute freedom in the environment of an art exhibition, both learning new words and revisiting language skills acquired in the classroom in the course of a visit to Palazzo Strozzi.

The experience is split into two phases: the introductory part focuses on creating the ideal setting for debating and sharing the words on which we will be working in the exhibition, while the second part unfolds before a selection of exhibits from which we take our cue to freely discuss our tastes in art, our feelings about exhibitions and museums and our daily experiences in general, using both new and old words.

The activity is tailored to cater for each group’s language level. On booking, teachers are sent preparatory material for use in the classroom ahead of the experience in Palazzo Strozzi.

Cost and duration

The activity costs € 52.
Admission free for accompanying teachers.
The activity lasts 90 minutes.
No single group may comprise more than 10 participants.
Groups comprising a larger number of students will be split into two in order to allow everyone to take part and to get the most out of the experience.

The activity may be booked on Wednesdays from 10.00 to 15.00, according to the time slots available on the day.

Reservations are required.

The cost of the activity does not include either the price of admission to the exhibition (€ 5) or the advance booking fee (€ 1 per person). Whisper systems are mandatory for guided tours and are included in the cost of the tour.

Per una migliore esperienza di visita, consulta le informazioni per i visitatori.

Info and reservations
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Cover illustration: Olafur Eliasson, Red window semicircle, 2008. Courtesy of the artist; neugerriemschneider, Berlin; Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York / Los Angeles. Photo: Jens Ziehe. © 2008 Olafur Eliasson